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Originally Posted by toMACsh View Post
Sorry, I don't have the answer for you either, just an observation. All these gadgets are supposed to make life easier, I think. But when you own redundant devices and want them all to be in sync (or sink, if you prefer - I've actually seen that) the misery begins. My tech life is simple. I have a Mac Mini.

Yeah, that's the end of the story. I do have a "dumb" cell phone, which I don't use much, a TV/DVR remote, and a garage door opener. My snowblower is electric start too. I even have a fax machine at home. Fortunately, none of these gadgets need to be synced with the others. Ah, peace and quiet!
Problem for me is that Apple leads you to believe that your multiple devices will all sync. Supposed to be one of the many reasons for sticking with Apple. Well, maybe that's true for some of you but not for this newbie. I am coming to the realization that my tech life was easier when I only had an iPad.
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