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Last September 1, I bought an iPad. I'd had an iPod nano and shuffle before, but had no idea what was out there until I got the iPad. So first thing, I set up an Apple ID, and proceeded to acquire a used MacBook Air, new Airport Extreme, Apple TV, etc., until one day I realized I wanted a different Apple ID. So I changed it, following all the instructions. I was plagued with problems for about 3 months. Finally got that down to a dull roar, when I broke my iPad. In the process of getting the new one set up, i goofed something up and needed to change my Apple ID password for some reason I don't even remember.

That is when the real fun began. Now half my apps don't know who I am any longer. Is there some kind of checklist that is hard to find that I am missing? I follow instructions well, and tried to do everything according to Hoyle, but geez. This is almost, and I did say ALMOST, as frustrating as a MS experience. What must I do to get all of my stuff to cooperate again?
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