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Thanks for entertaining a real novice here.

I am having a problem with my imac, (bought 2007 and love of my life). My pictures have lost definition, the white on the screen seems way too bright and the darks way too dark, Quite often on internet, is now impossible to see images, just white voids. The text is also "bitty" and unclear. This has happened gradually. I have reset all the personal settings etc (sorry again apologies for not being very technical) but no luck there.

I nearly got to the bottom of this through finding another person's experience on this forum, but my kids dragged me away, and I lost the thread, literally. The crux of this other user's problem and solution seemed to be that the problem wasn't there if she created another login. SO I have got another log-in set up, and the pictures on this second log in are perfect. Is there a way of correcting the images and screen issues on my core log-in? I can't work out ways of transferring all my photos, data, documentsetc over to my new log in.

If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful!

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