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MyMacRox: Thanks for the reminder. I'll put my macbook's specs in my profile whenever I find that page. It's a mackbook 15" with retina display. Which reminds me, much of the shortcut documentation is either out of date, wrong, or simply doesn't apply to the laptops. Meanwhile for toMacsh..., who uses windows at work, Microsoft has abandoned both menus and the rational keyboard shortcut system I described. Alt still works the same way... but only if you remember the old key... series es. That is, Alt, F, N will start a new document in word, even though you can't see the old menus. It is not necessary to hold down the alt key (alt-F, N). Many of the keyboard series-es in Word, excel, and powerpoint have changed, but because you can't see the menus anymore, it's hard to find out what the new series-es are. Anyway, it's all water over the dam at this point. There are better things to discuss since Apple is unlikely to change just because I want them to. I did submit the suggestion though.
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