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I seem to be replying to all the posters at once here. I'll check out Ukelele, but my weak understanding of the "sandbox" concept suggests that what I want has to become part of Apple's standards going forward if it is to be implemented. As far the debate I was having with MyMacRox, I'll say this. I don't do anything unusual with my XP computer. In a typical hour, I would work with somewhere between 3 and 14 applications, copying, pasting, coloring, deleting, switching to windows within the same application, maximizing, minimizing, resizing, elongating windows, searching text, closing, applications, launching them, switching between them, coloring cells, deleting columns, navigating the file hierarchy, opening new tabs, switching between tabs on complex dialogues, jumping into and out of text boxes, pushing buttons, selecting options, selecting fonts, font colors, font sizes, and so on. During that hour, I usually used my mouse zero times unless I spent time on the web. It was not unusual for me to go an entire day without using my mouse. Finally this: With only a little guidance, a new windows XP user could access about 100 of the most commonly needed keyboard shortcuts by memorizing just one shortcut key "Alt."

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments. Be careful with those stimulants MoTM.
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