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My mac pro is impressive as I expected. There's only one thing I miss from the world of Wintel: A rational keyboard shortcut system. The wintel system used underscores to show which letters were shortcuts within the menu system. Once "alt" had been struck, the menu had the focus and you could go anywhere with key strokes--even in a brand new application--because you could see which keys to strike (the underlined ones). The shortcuts were thus very easy to learn, much easier to type (one key at a time), and in most cases, your hands never left the home keys. My mac makes me feel like I'm playing twister with my fingers. I could do many things 5-10 times as fast as someone hobbled by a mouse. I've seen "productivity" and "shortcut" apps within the app store... how much do these help? I presume that none of them can actually place underscores on the letters of other applications because that would entail leaving the "sandbox". Comments? Suggestions? Reviews?
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