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Thanks for the reply Nick. So, I guess from what you said, it would be worth it to keep the new card for someone utilizing the increased speed more than I am? ie. maybe video processing. And that an SSD wouldn't really do much for me except for transfer speed? That's a shame because I thought for sure the graphics card would help with at least the 3d rendering since it has the option to use OpenGL. Not to mention make things run quicker and smoother in Photoshop. I just thought I didn't have some settings right. And I thought the SSD would help improve the speed of the actual computer with starting up, opening programs, and maybe even files. But I guess if those files are on a regular 7200 rpm drive, that wouldn't change much if any. Oh, and good to hear that the smell isn't going to set my computer on fire. That would be bad. But I might return it anyway if it isn't going to do anything for my performance.

Now onto the calibration part of the thread. Anyone have any ideas on that?
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