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Ok I think I can guess the answer to this - but i'd be kicking myself if it turned out there was a simple app solution.

I'm about to get an iphone4 (yes 4) and I was thinking of using it to tether to my ipad(3).
However, I really only want to use it to handle eMails and do some very light web browsing - basically stuff that i can do on the iphone anyway but, being of the aged persuasion, using the ipad would be much less taxing on my fingers, eyes and general patience!

The question is - do i actually need to tether to do these things, or is there some kind of app that will allow me to link the iphone to the ipad such that the ipad screen could be used instead of or to mirror the iphone screen?

Apologies if i'm asking for a technological impossibility here - i invariably find that stuff i think is fanciful is often quite easily achieved, while stuff I think must be a doddle turns out to be pie in the sky. I have a feeling this will fall into the latter camp, but I had to ask....
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