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Thanks all for your insights, that is really helpful.

One more question, so within the events (say for example "Feb 2001", I cannot create other events, such as "Ski holiday" (which then took place in Feb 2001)? In other words, I have now merged some of my previous separate events, but then all the photos are clumped into one big event.

How do other people do this and find back their photos?? I have about 1,000 photos and creating 100s of events seems not very practical.

I certainly do not want to start downloading other apps to organise my photos...? That shouldn't be necessary, in my opinion?

I have once tried to move some of the photos to the Finder, but then, it changes the date on the photo which is quite disastrous, as then I will never be able to track back when the photo was taken.

Again, I would really appreciate it if there was a tutorial somewhere which I could study so that all of this would make sense. I know I have been poisoned by Mr Gates, but there you have it.

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