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that means your working with the ApplescriptObjC language.

When you created the new project, at the top of the AppDelegate script file, you should have had this.

property parent : class "NSObject"
what you want is this.

property parent : class "NSObject"
property myTextField : missing value
then save the AppDelegate file, Then click the mainMenu.xib file, which will show you a main window, to the left of the window editor screen and the project navigation list there should be a blue cube called AppDelegate, right click this cube and you should see a connection menu, find the myTextField property item, add drag from this menu item to your textField, that will make a connection between the textfield and the property, this will enable you to read and write to the properties of the textField, and also call its class methods.

Then you can use the above stringValue() class method to retreive the text in the textField.

Hope this is clearer.

Regards Mark
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