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Ok. I know this is discussed so I hope I wont be killed for posting this. Anyways, I was planning get a Imac G5 17inch coming up here. Now some people say I should wait for intel and buy a mac mini for mean time. Still spending a lot of money so I am thinking that I might as well just pay for an imac right now. Will they all the sudden stop making software for G5's after next year? Also if come next summer I am using my Imac, will it be consider I am using an old retired computer? I know you can always wait for something new so I figured there is no point in waiting. Yes, I dont need a mac but I want one. But do you guys truly think its a smart move to buy a new mac considering Intel coming next year? Will I still have a good computer that will run programs for at least the next several years, or am I buying something at the end of its life? I think I decided I can just wait since something new is coming since there is always something new coming. But give me your clear cut good opinions.

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