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Originally Posted by MacInWin View Post
I can't comment on the two drives, but I can give you my experience with the separation of data. I have a MBP, Early 2011, that originally had a 750Gb drive. I replaced that primary drive with an OWC 48G SSD. I moved the 750G HD to the optical bay using there adapter bracket. In the process, I cloned the original drive to the SSD, then moved my home directory to the HD. So now, on the HD, I have a Users folder and a System folder. The System folder holds certain caches and were put there by the system itself. The Users folder has all my personal files that were previously in the User folder on the boot disk. On the SSD there is also a Users folder, and it contains some things that various applications have put there. Calibre seems to be the prime "offender" here, as it stores information to that folder rather than on the HD. I also moved my virtual machine images to the SSD to allow for faster booting of the images, and I have put my iTunes library of music there as well, although it ran just fine on the HD. It's been a while since I did the conversion so I don't remember the exact steps I took to define the HD for the Users folder, but it went easily and I've had no issues with it since then. You might also search here for some comments about making a Fusion drive out of the two drives. That all came out after I had made my changes, so I did not implement a Fusion drive on my system. Whatever you do, good luck with it!
Macwin, thanks for sharing your experience. He fusion disk idea is great. I am gona try that.
I was worried about moving the wrong folder. Last week when I tried to move the iTunes library and was successful and I was happy, but yesterday when I tried to add songs, I couldn't. I used to be a hands on techie long time back, and would get into the nitty gritties but I don't have the luxury of time now a days.
Appreciate your post. Thanks once again.
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