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I have the SAME problem, to the simple difference that the partition is not a Linux partition.
So using EddyB post I will detaila by putting in red, what does not apply to my case, and by correcting in green:

I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my 13 inch 2007 MacBook. I already have my hard drive partitioned and I have Ubuntu without anything installed on the 100Gb partition of hard disk space, but I never use it so I thought I'd swap it for Windows. There are programs that are only Windows compatible that I'd like to use.

My problems are. 1. Bootcamp won't work because my harddrive is already partitioned. It tells me to use Disk Utility to make only one partition and then to try Bootcamp again.

2. Disk utility won't let me remove the partition for some reason that I do not understand. It says I can't resize the partitions on my drive because it uses the Master Boot Record partition scheme. The hard drive isn't original, it's a 500Gb SATA disk, whatever that means, I think it was Seagate, it's a year old.

3. If I try to change to 1 partition, i.e. I try to format the harddrive back to one partition, it gives me the error message "Partition failed with the error: Couldn’t unmount disk." This happens even when I boot up from my time machine external drive. This is where I stand now.

So what would help me is a description of the reason for the problem and a detailed, easy to understand and to apply solution to the problem.
Thanks a lot.
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