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Hey all,

I just have a couple of questions.
The BlueTooth in the iPhone and MacBook Pro. Am I right in assuming that there isn't any way to transfer images via the BT method? If not, is there any use for pairing a MBP and iPhone 5 together, can anything actually be done?

Second off is in relation to MyDisk, does anyone have any experience with this? Im aware its probabily wise to take this up with the devs but thought whilst I'm here I'd ask anyway. I've updated to the latest version and I've had some issues with enabling the WiFi transfer feature. I used to be able to get myDisk to assign itself an IP address on the network, and then from this in the browser on the machine connected to the network connect directly to the MyDisk app and transfer files. Now when I try MyDisk gives the IP address http://null:5555. Any ideas?

Anyway, all help is appreciated.

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