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So my Late 2009 iMac is no longer reading store-bought DVD videos. It will still read CDs and DVD-Rs, though. On a standard DVD video, the drive sounds like it's attempting to access the disk for ~ 30 seconds to a minute and then it ejects. Same behavior in OS X and WIndows 7 (via BootCamp). To me, that pretty much eliminates a software problem. Not sure if this could be fixed with a firmware flash for the drive or not.

I'm pretty experienced with PC hardware, and if this were a PC, I'd just replace the drive. However, since I've never really worked on a Mac's internals, I'd like the opinion of someone who has. I've found a source for a replacement drive (same Apple part number and OEM mfr/part) on eBay for ~$60. If anyone know of other good part resources I'd like to hear them. Also have the instruction for replacement of the drive. Doesn't seem much different from disassembling a laptop (which I've done a few times before).

Thanks for the help.

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