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Dear all

I'll try to keep my post as brief as possible. And, advanced warning: I'm not very 'tech'! Apologies for that.

I have an early 2008 iMac, which is behaving excessively sluggish of late. Have previously posted a question on this forum. Others think it may be a failing hard drive. Here is a link to the previous conversation:

Mac booting up/saving data REAL slow - please help!

Today I found out there is a thing called Apple Hardware Test, and so I've run it! It has given me the following as an error code:

4MOT/2/40000004: HDD-1407

Can anyone tell me what this error code means, or where I can find out what it means?

Is my hard drive dead? Or is it some other hardware issue, like the RAM or something?

Seriously grateful for any advice from you tech savvy individuals, thank you very much!


p.s. the link I provided contains sufficient info on the background to my problem, should you be interested.
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