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Hi all,

I find myself in need of some assistance. I am running OS x 10.7.4 on a 2007 MBP (new logic board installed by Apple about a year ago, 2.4G Dual Core, 4GB Ram).

Earlier this evening I opened an application which went into a open/exit/open/exit loop. The computer was unusable. I had to switch off via the power button.

When I next tried to login, I got a message at the login screen saying something along the lines of 'Computer did not shut down you want to reopen windows when you login? Cancel or OK'. I tried both options. Each time, the screen would go grey, then back to the login.

I tried shutting down again, restarting, login - same situation.

After another restart, I tried to login to my Guest account. This worked. In Guest Account, I ran Disk Utility, checked the Disk, ran the Repair Permissions. Then I restarted.

Back to login screen. Still no Main account access, but Guest account was still functioning.

In Guest I checked to see that I could access my programs and files. I logged in as Guest, opened System Preferences, unlocked my own Admin account.

All my applications from my main account are accessible and usable (well, I used two). I unlocked all my Admin User folders (Documents, Downloads, Music etc.). I opened some files in the apps just to be sure. Everything worked, so I felt relieved at that.

I then attempted to restart in Safe Mode. The computer would not go all the way to Safe Mode. Instead, it ended up back at the login screen.

I restarted and logged in using Single User Mode. I ran the fsck check, got the 'OK' message and restarted, but went back to the Login screen, no change.

I am now stuck.

I don't have the installation disk as I'm running 10.7.4 which I'm fairly sure I downloaded from the internet (I think - am I right? It's download only? Am I wrong?).

Can I simply change the status of my Guest Account and make it my Main User account? Or will that just bring the same problem over to the Guest Account? I'm sure I'm overlooking some simple thing I can do via the Guest Account to identify and eradicate the problem, but I'm failing to see it so far. I have deleted the offending software from the hard-drive too.

I could conceivably reformat and reinstall OS X, but can I run a backup of my Main account via the Guest Account? Time Machine was in the process of backing up when I had to shut down the laptop earlier.

Any assistance on this all too common problem would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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