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Originally Posted by Tel
Good choice with the 20D, I'm sure you'll love it! Let us know how you get on with it once you pick it up
I ordered the 20D Body from B&H and I will just use my Sig lenses until I buy some new ones. Also purchased 1GB CF & Reader, remote, extra battery. This one company was trying to sell me stuff that comes with the body separate, like the battery, cables, charger, etc. I have shopped with B&H before so I just said forget it to the other company and bought from B&H. In Total everything I bought cost $1500, which ain't too shabby I guess. It is $200 more than I wanted to spend but oh well. I will keep you guys updated though on how I like it when I have used it. Like I said I liked what I saw when I handled it before and my Photo teacher told me that was an excellent choice.

Thanks again you guys for all your help and I'll keep ya posted.
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