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Originally Posted by Joey Ace
I'm new to Mac. I have a new 15"PB/Superdrive/Panther.

When I insert a blank CD isn't an icon supposed to appear on the Desktop? It doesn't.

I can burn CDs no problem via iTunes.

1.) Is there a setting somewhere to enable this?

2.) Is there a program in Panther similar to the PC's Roxio EZCD Creator. (free or cheap - simple and easy) to make data CDs?
regretfully, not quite... roxio makes "toast" for mac, whitch is essentially the same program. it runs about $100

not having tried panther yet (hopefully soon) i can only suggest what can be done via jag. it might be similar...

under system prefrences, click on CD & DVD under hardware. from there you might have a dropdown menu(s) to tell the system if/how to notify you when you insert a CD. any Panther pros, feel free to correct me on this if i'm wrong
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