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So I'm in a small mess of a situation..

I have a MacBook Pro, and recently purchased Parallels 8 since there are two programs at work that refuse to work for a Mac.

Problem is one program is only for WIndows XP, and the other is for Windows 7/8.

I'm pretty sure making multiple virtual machines for each operating system won't be a problem. I have a licensed XP Disc and that installed fine.

My primary questions is regarding Windows 7/8...

I don't have a Windows 7 CD to do an install, but have a desktop with Windows 7 installed on it. HOWEVER I don't have the license number for that copy of Windows.

Should/Can I simply migrate that computer over to the Mac? Or will it ask me for a license number? I also do not have any experience with the migration so I don't completely understand how that works, I am going to start reading around about that now, but wanted to begin the thread and see if I could save some time.

Thanks for all your help, as always.
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