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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
And always boot to the clone after you have made it to verify it is working, all your stuff is there and it is functioning properly.
Ok folks, thanks for all your help! I just did a clone to an External 1Tb Hard Drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. To test it, I then went into System Preferences / Startup Disk, selected the External HD, and did a restart. Checked a number of applications and documents; everything was as I had left it. So now I am ready to take my imac in for its HD replacement. However, I just noticed something. When I do a Get Info on the Mackintosh HD (internal) I get Capacity - 999.86, Available - 854.81. So I must have used up 145.05 gb. When I do the same on the External HD with the cloned info, I get Capacity - 999.86, Available - 876.76, with a resultant usage of 123.10 gb..If it is a CLONE, should the numbers not be EXACTLY the same? Why am I missing the 21.95 gb? Anything important?
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