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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Just to clarify and you really should know what you are doing in this case:

Your system board has a dual channel memory controller. In order for dual channel to achieve it's fastest operation, you need matched pairs of memory. For just a little understanding of dual channel see this.

With unmatched pairs, you will essentially be running in single channel operation. You'll have use of the additional memory, but at a slower than optimum speed.

Is that bad? Not as "bad" as it use to be and you may or may not notice the difference. At the price of RAM today though, I always recommend matched pairs. I even have a matched pair in my old '06 MBP with 2 x 2GB in order to maintain dual channel speed, even though that system is hardware limited to being able to use only 3 GB.
Hmm, interesting. In this case, I guess I'll just go with 16GB. Still saving $200 compared to upgrading with Apples 16GB option.
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