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I have a MacPro early 2008 model with this info from the rear of the computer:
Can someone please tell me if this a double processor machine or a single from this info.
This machine was in a pile of computers in the building where I work, I asked building management if I could take it and they gave me a pass to remove it from the property.
It has no memory and all the hard drive sleds were empty. I opened it up and there is only 1 processor and the socket where the other one would be has a cap on the socket and a dummy heat sink.
I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple store and they diagnosed it as having only one processor with the other missing. They said the machine booted to their network and should work ok, but not as good as it would if the machine had both processors.
Does Apple sell the single processor machines using the same logic board as a double processor and just block up the second socket? I'm thinking yes and this machine is a single unit machine.
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