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Originally Posted by dawson1112 View Post
Those days of having matching pairs of ram are long long gone. Back in the days of the old 286 386 and 486 Pentium's you had to use matching pairs of memory . But now days as long as the memory clock speeds are the same its fine to use mixed sizes. I have 1x2 1x8 and 2x4 in my desktop and it runs perfect. Showing 18 gig total.

EDIT: According to Apple specs on your mac mini from 2010 it is only capable of using 8 gig total ram
Mac mini (Mid 2010) - Technical Specifications
I couldn't find specs for early 2010 models Im guessing the early and mid 2010 are the same.
Thank you. My Mac mini is a 2012 model. I appreciate your great reply.
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