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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
It was just a comment on the propensity for users to think that an OS reinstall is necessary as a troubleshooting step. It rarely is. Your symptoms were more likely a result of the bad hard disk, and not necessarily a corrupted OS install. In essence, my recommendation is to start troubleshooting in small steps - for example, if your car won't start, it's usually a good idea to check to see if there's gas in the tank before you start rebuilding the engine

Hard disks, being mechanical in nature, are subject to mechanical failure. It's also possible for the surface of the platters to become desensitized. Some are more reliable than others. This is why backups are so crucial. It's not a question of "if" your hard disk will fail, but "when".

Anything from the quality of the mechanism, how warm it runs, to whether it was ever exposed to vibration or dropping. I've seen hard drives that lasted for decades, while others failed within months. It's just the nature of the beast.
Thanks - I would not have done something as drastic as wiping out my entire drive as a first step. I have been visiting several forums trying to figure this out for several months, at least two. I did not have much luck - I was trying to acquaint myself with Terminal but failed out of the starting gate as there was something wrong with my prompt because it was always something along the lines of "not valid or not found".

i had contemplated getting an external hard drive but I was going over my own personal financial cliff and had to make some hard choices.

Anyway - I did see one suggestion that erasing PRAM might help. I doubt it because i have done so before (several months ago). But anything is worth a try
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