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Originally Posted by McBie View Post
Hmmmmm ..... nicely formatted post .... looks like you want to make a statement.
Do you have any backups of your data / photo's ?
If not, then why did you take a decision to willingly destroy all your data?
Second, Did you use the original install media that came with the Mac ?
I have not checked your previous posts , but have you ever mentioned your problems on this forum below, so you could have been helped earlier. ( I may be mistaken on this one )
So let's go back to basics, the damage has been done anyway.
Do yo have the original install media for this type of Mac ?
What version of the OS are we talking about ?

Cheers ... McBie
Thanks for responding. I have been trying to fix my computer for actually 2 months or more. It was unusable because IF i ever managed to get online with it I kept getting Script errors that a script was running and asked did I want to stop it - of course I said "yes" but the second you move the mouse the spinning wheel syndrome goes into overdrive. I tried resetting the pram if I did it right. So then i was going to use Terminal and try to use Applejack to try to fix it but my terminal prompt had to be wrong because everything came back something like "comand not found". The only thing that didn't come back that way on terminal was *"ls" and it would come back with library but that didn't seem to accomplish anything. Behind the 8-ball when you can do next to nothing and all efforts to reset PRAM, repair disk, verify disk, etc. (which came back repaired/valid) - then I was going to use my ms laptop where I had assembled some notes about what might help me in terminal but then my ms laptop went inoperable and it is in for repair for several weeks so I have no computer (I'm typing this from my sons) and I needed my Mac working again and after 2 months or more I just figured I was forestalling the inevitable loss. Some of my pics were on Dropbox but not all would fit and those are lost.

Anyway, as you say - done deal. But to lose them and still have a non-functional computer at the end of all that is frankly frustrating/depressing. When it rains it pours. Timing belt broken on my car among other things to add to the frustration, no car, no computer..

Excuse me if I sound WHINEY but I guess I am but I have more problems than I know what to do with. So I confess, I'm not much fun to deal with.

Yes, I have the original Snow Leopard Disk that came with my computer. My Mac was replaced after it was stolen in a home burglary and the insurance didn't get me the Applecare and I never did either.

I SHOULD HAVE backed everything up but the disks I was using never worked. Too late I got a 10 gig zip drive but anyway.

I think that answers your questions and says more than you wanna know. I am sorry to inflict my POOR ME state of mind on anyone but absent locking myself in my basement so i can't communicate my WHINING is about the only thing I still have that works.

Mea culpa.

Oh I forget the exact number but it is Snow Leopard is all. I have plenty of space on my hard drive btw. I don't have all the specs on my Imac if there is something you need I can get an exact list.

CHEERS- (lol) back at you.
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