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Originally Posted by coach_z
i still use b&w 35mm

i dont have much to add to this thread but i will say this....write up a review of the camera when you get it!!!
I'm going to get the Canon, I have used the 10D and I liked it and I have fiddled with the 20D. I have two Sigma lenses off my SA-7 so I can just use those until I find some good lenses that I like.

I also love B&W photography as well and using the darkroom but I also love digital because it is fast results and I also enjoy the digital darkroom. As long as it stays cheap enough I will keep doing B&W but you know if you do your own developing chemicals are rising in price and Kodak already stopped producing B&W paper and Ilford has already cut back on production. This stuff will be specialty pretty soon and unless you get paid very very well or you have money coming out the wahzoo it will be very expensive to continue.
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