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Originally Posted by speedydave
What are you shooting? If you are shooting sports or any kind of action, I'd go with a 20D or D70. If you're not, one of the Rebels (300D or 350D) will be just fine. One thing that's nice about the D70 and 20D is that you have a lot more freedom with the manual functions and settings. The Rebels do have Manual modes, but they don't give you certain features that you get with the 20D and D70, like AI Servo in Manual (only gives you AI Servo in the Sports mode). Also, the 20D and D70 are a bit sturdier than the Rebels. There is a firmware hack for the 300D that gives it the adjustability of a 10D, but I don't know if you can do the same with the 350D.
I shoot everything right now until I find my niche. I am into landscapes right at the moment but sports interests me as well. I have narrowed it down to the D70 and 20D. I do need the manual controls, I really like to have that control over the autofocus.
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