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I'm looking to get the new 27 inch iMac in February. Mostly for audio and video editing. It will be my first Mac and I am very excited but I am concerned about the audio out jack. From my understanding, there is just one headphone jack in the back and nothing else. I am [U]very[U] picky about my sound quality.
I've been looking at the Logitech Speaker System Z906. It's a reasonable price and seems to have good reviews.

How would I go about hooking this system up to my new iMac?
I'd assume just using the headphone jack but will that really give me 5.1 sound? And will the quality be just as good as plugging it into a sound card on a pc?

Thanks for any help, this will be a huge part of my decision to buy a Mac or pc.
(I really want the Mac haha)

Thanks for any help!
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