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If you have no problem with full-on headphones, then it's hard to beat the Sony MDR-7506 studio monitors. These things are still considered some of the best headphones money can buy in the professional audio field and for only $100 they're a cut above the rest and easily affordable for pros and consumers alike. I use them all the time when mixing for headphones and I know a lot of other people in the professional market who use them too from recording studios to audio field technicians.

They really can punch it on the bass (but it's not overblown and exaggerated - it's an accurate representation of the mix) while still preserving crisp and detailed highs. It's funny b/c I've listened to consumer headphones that were in the $600 range that still didn't sound as good as these. (Please note - I'm distinguishing consumer headphones from professional headphones)

I usually don't suggest these to consumers because... well let's face it, they're not that stylish and the cord is really long but in if you're considering headphones anyway over earbuds, I HIGHLY recommend them. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone: Electronics
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