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Originally Posted by brownknee View Post
Hey faelas, I believe we're having the same problem and I think Ive found a solution for it. I discovered it while playing an online game (left 4 dead). When I hit my option/alt key 5times in a row I couldnt use my keyboard. I was unaware that I was doing it on photoshop as well and I thought about it for a while and I linked the 2.

I use option/alt to zoom in and out when using paths. Then my keyboard stops working. If you're having this problem try to find which key you're hitting consecutively and hit it 5times in a row. I think we're activating a modifier or sticky key.

When i hit my key 5times my laptop beeps, you may have to turn your volume all the way up and set the option to chime (under system preferences>universal access>keyboard) when a modifier key is set.

After my keyboard stops working and I hit my key 5times again, it starts working properly. hope this helps!

You are a genius. Don't sell yourself short. I've been having this problem for so long with every program I use. This has been so much help and I hope you live a long a prosperous life, but not if it means everyone else in the world has to suffer.
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