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Originally Posted by RavingMac View Post
Option C
  • Mini: 2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 4GB Mem, 1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm = $899
  • 240 GB SSD to replace 1TB drive = $250
  • 16 GB RAM Upgrade Kit (at OWC)= $98
  • 27in ThunderBolt Display (Refurb)=$829
  • Total price = $2076

  • Identical performance to the system you describe but ~$500 cheaper.
  • Why would you pay Apple prices for RAM (Especially since you appear to be game to install your own SSD)?
  • Full Apple warranty plus available AppleCare
  • And, instead of just replacing the 1TB HD, why not add the 250GB SSD as a boot drive and keep the 1TB as an internal Data drive? - Installing Mac Mini Late 2012 Dual Hard Drive Kit - iFixit

EDIT: And, FWIW, while the iMac will be significantly faster, the Mac Mini you spec is no slouch. Geekbench isn't everything in comparing speed, but lists the following:
Mac Mini 2012 2.6 GHZ - 11367/12807
iMac 27 2011 3.1 GHz (latest figures available) - 12490/14143
Thanks. I figured an OWC RAM upgrade would cost the same for both computers so the price difference would not change. I picked 16GB because on the iMac that fills two slots and leaves two open, making an upgrade a no brainer (I hate throwing away good memory to upgrade).

Also won't buy an Apple display unless in an iMac...the standalone NEC is reportedly far superior for the same price (Refurb not included and something I hadn't considered...thanks).
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