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Hello, its 2012 and this posting is still up, so here's my input.
In Photoshop, after you've made your slices, save for web.
Then do up your preferences.
Then save, in the save panel there is a 'settings' drop down, in there choose 'other' then a window pops up 'output settings', leave the first option at 'default' but there is a second drop down window that shows 'html', on that drop down you will see setting 'slices' - use this instead of the 'html'. the menu then changes and you can see the button 'generate table'.
There it is, the spot to do it!
open your saved file in your web build program and you will see its all in a table format, so just select the table and center it, add a space or two drop the table down a bit if you want.
Seems like a lot of steps but once you know the path its pretty easy, besides, you took notes from this posting so you wouldn't forget or loose this link.

your welcome, Paul
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