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Originally Posted by Razormac View Post
$1500 is a tight budget for what you describe, especially if you add the TV. A decent HDTV adequately sized for your purpose will easily cost $1000, unless you are looking at a Theater for one to three people.

Having said that, your idea is workable. Another option would be to use an iPad as your remote control and monitor. A refurb iPad or new iPad Mini will set you back about $300.
My original budget was $2500-$3000 but it was cut.

Just to put it in perspective right now they have a 27 inch tv that is cut into the wall. The tail end sticks out in the utility room behind. The videos currently shown are not shot in HD basically any TV over 40in will be a major improvement. The room can seat around 20-25 however rarely do they ever have more than 5-10 in the room. I had thought about the iPad because if I worked that center then that's what I would prefer but that's not the case. Most of the employees/volunteers that staff the place are "older" and the ipad method may be over their head. With the mac mini I had imaged I would just incorporate the directions into the wallpaper so when they first booted the computer they would know what to do.

unless............ (evil thoughts brewing)

I could build a mount into the wall for an iPad and leave the buttons blocked off with the unit set on the videos screen. So actually the visitors could pick the movie themselves....... just touch the movie and it plays......
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