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My 2009 20.5 inch iMac has a faulty temperature sensor that switches it off after it'ss been running for about half hour. Restarting the machine does not help. Once it is warm it keeps switching off. I need to let it cool down which takes long. iStat Pro reads normal temperatures in the 30 to 50 C range. The machine is not overheating, it's the sensor that's wrong.

I took the iMac to the Apple store and they said the faulty sensor is in the logic board, needing replacement of the same. Being a 2009 Mac and with the new one coming out now I decided not to repair id. Cost is more than half a new iMac.

It occurred to me that it might be possible to trick the sensor to read a lower temperature and keep the iMac running… a few hours would be good enough...I seldom run CPU intensive programs so the risk of overheating is low – and in any case the machine useless as is so I might as well take the risk.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

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