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Hey Harby, thanks for the reply!

The Tiger disks are the ones that came with the Mac when it was purchased. They are dated 2006. I appreciate you confirming what I thought about Mountain Lion as well.

As for installing Lion I'd just like to clarify here - I can install the 5770 card (which I assume since I'd get it directly from Apple that it would include any required power adapters), boot from a Lion CD or USB drive (made using the download and turning it into bootable install media), and everything will just work the way I'd like it to?

I guess I'm stumbling over the point where you needed Snow Leopard to install Lion from within the OS and I want to make sure this will work the way I'm seeing it in my head before I ask her to spend $250 on a video card and $20 for the OS and find out I missed something along the way.
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