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Originally Posted by inhonoredglory View Post
Hey, all! I've got a new ASUS VS238H-P monitor for my Mac OSX 10.6 13" Macbook Pro. I hooked the HDMI to my Mac and the monitor turns on (blue light), has its "ASUS" screen flash, then it goes to a warning, "VGA No Signal." My Mac blues out appropriately and seems to act like it recognizes the monitor when I make display arrangement changes. Yet the ASUS remains blacked out, power light on standby orange. Oddly, even its "Menu" button doesn't bring up a menu.

What could be wrong? My Mac is about 1.5-2 years old. I though maybe it's a driver issue. What drivers would you suggest? Or it could be a cable thing, like my Mac doesn't like the non-proprietary cables I used. Here are the brands, btw: one 5-ft HDMI male-to-male cable by ProHT, and one Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter by PNY. Both cables brand-new.

Any and all help is appreciated!
I had the exact same problem. I connected a DVI cable first then used the ASUS menu to manually change it to HDMI. I then switched to my HDMI cable and it worked. I am sure you could also start with a VGA cable as well...
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