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I've noticed in my iPhone calendar that there are a small number of birthdays showing on the wrong dates. Checking in Contacts where the information is coming from, the date is incorrect there as well but I can't change it. Entering edit mode and tapping the date crashes Contacts. Exactly the same process for dates which are correct, or entries without dates allows me to set the date this way.

All this data has been entered in Address Book on my Mac and synced across. The problem dates are all correct in Address Book.

I have tried:
- removing the contact from the group and syncing to remove it from the iPhone and then putting it back in.
- changing the date in Address Book and syncing (this does not change the date in Contacts)
- deleting the birthday information altogether from Address Book and syncing (this does not remove the date from Contacts)
- all of the above again, powering off the iPhone between steps in an attempt to clear any cache there may be.

Nothing seems to work. I can successfully remove the person from Contacts but if it is in there the birthday will not change.

Searching these forums and the internet in general I have found discussions of dates being one day out (time zone issues?) but the incorrect dates I am seeing are weeks out.

Has anyone come across this problem and been able to solve it?

I'm syncing with iTunes.
i0S 6.0.1, Mac OS X 10.6.8. iTunes 10.7 (21)
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