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Looking for some advice. 'Switched' about a year ago, now have in household: iMac 2011, 2-3 iPhones, iPad2, 2 PC laptops. One day would like MBAir! I am moderately 'computer literate', but no longer wish to spend hours/days puzzling things out or finding complex work-arounds or solutions. I switched to Mac for the promised simplicity. I don't have any experience with network-type hardware.

My iMac is stuffed to the eyeballs, so I need some external storage. Initially I thought I'd just get a standard desktop drive, plug it into the back and move my movies there. However, I'm now thinking: would a network drive (which I have never used) allow me/family to: watch movies (incl. non-DRM) on the iPad or laptops direct from the drive, access family photos on the drive, access music from the drive? And what about showing movies on TV?

The other need I have is back-up. I actually recently purchased a refurbished Time Capsule from Apple Store, but haven't set it up yet (because wanting to resolve storage issue at same time). Can I back up to Time Capsule from an external drive/network drive?

Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.
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