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My main issue now after the update is that iBooks take a long time to open pages that are graphic intensive. I use iBooks for the manuals I create for my job and I view them in iBooks. Prior to IOS 6 and iBooks 3.0, it was very fast opening. Now with the update, it opens blank pages and if you wait, it will fill in the page with the graphics. This was not a problem before the updates.

I love Apple products, but there needs to be more testing before they release these updates. They are becoming more like Microsoft with bloated apps. Steve Jobs would be turning over in his grave knowing that the user is experiencing these kinds of issues. One of the basis' of his success was that the user has a good experience with any of the apps on the product. This is slowly going away and is what I got away from Microsoft and moved to Apple.

I'm in hope that these forums come to the attention of the Apple development staff in an effort to fix buggy software. We'll see...
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