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So I have an old isight imac that died... loud fan, etc... when it booted from CD the internal drive didn't even show up in disk utility or as an option to install an OS. After some research (and because I already replaced the drive in this machine in the past) I assumed maybe the logic board finally gave up. The internal never made the 'click of death' sound so I figured it may still be good. I removed it from the imac, and had an old G drive sata drive that was dead. I swapped the drives and the only thing I noticed that was different was the drive in the enclosure at the back had a small spot with two pins beside the sata and data connection and the internal drive I was putting in had a spot with 8 pins (and on the drive itself it talked about 'jumper' positions but there wasn't a jumper in there.

So I hook everything up, connect it to my mac, and nothing. The drive powers up, it sounds like it's spinning - no click, no struggle - sounds smooth - but it's not mounting. It won't show up in disk utility or diskwarrior. I tried using both USB and Firewire 800 to connect. I figured even if I couldn't access the data, it would show up as a drive in one of those utilities.

Therefore, I have to wonder if 1) the drive is indeed dead regardless of the lack of 'bad ticking sounds' meaning the imac may actually still work with a new drive or 2) maybe I have to put a jumper in there somewhere because it's now external... anyway, any advice would be helpful. I'd like to either get the imac working again, or get this external into a usable position.

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