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Originally Posted by damainman View Post

I have an alarm set daily for 6am to run a script. However my computer was off all night, and upon booting up my computer the script didn't run.

It's a script i would like to run once a day, every day and it doesn't matter what time it runs.

Is there any work around for this? It's a applescript.
If you are talking about an iCal alarm, the answer is an emphatic NO. If you're talking about some other type of alarm, disregard my response.

BTW, I'm running iCal 4.0.4 on OSX 10.6.8.

I have been on the Apple Support line, flaming them about this issue. I've tested it enough to know that calendar event alarms that occur during system sleep, are dropped on the floor. This is a very serious bug (it IS embarrassing to miss meetings), but Apple will not acknowledge that it is a problem, or tell me if it is fixed in later releases.

How should it behave? Each iCal alarm should have a semaphore associated with it that says whether the alarm has occurred or not. When the system wakes from sleep (iCal receives a wakeup signal), or system boots, iCal should issue alarms for all events previous to the wakeup/boot time, which has an alarm that has not been issued yet. How can Apple overlook something so important? Beats me. They can put all the bells and whistles in iCal they want, but if it can't reliably issue alarms, who cares?

I'm looking for an alternate calendar utility for OS X which can do this. Do you know of one? Then please tell me what it is! Thanks in advance.
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