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I bought my wife an iMac G5 20" Ambient Light Sensor computer in 2005, and she barely used it. Probably because she primarily used her G4 Quicksilver (which is still alive and kickin'). Since then, we've gone through PowerBook G4s, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros... all still useful. The iMac ended up sitting idle for the better part of two years, until we finally put it back in the box and into storage. Fast forward a few moves and quite a few years later, and I finally got around to getting it out of storage and taking it out of the box. Pristine exterior. Thought I'd fire it up, and maybe update it to Leopard. Actually worked!. Then one day, while it sat idle, the fans kicked into overdrive, the screen went blank, and it stayed that way until I rebooted.
That's when the errors started.

I've replaced RAM, I've replace the hard drive, and I've run basic tests (reset PRAM and reset to system defaults). Lately, I've just about given up as online posts mention something about capacitors bulging or bursting. An Apple recall, back in the day...

Nothing bursting yet on the logic board, but some of the capacitor centers are showing signs of raising. Is it worth having someone replace the capacitors? Should I chance replacing the logic board? Can anyone decipher the error messages below?

I've tried combinations of RAM and HD, using a Leopard retail install disk, and it gets to within 5 minutes of being "installation complete" and it dies with one of the below messages. (The same disk has worked on this machine before, without incident).
Prior to installation, I've run disk utility to repair anything needing repairing and got the green message that all systems are a go. Not sure which trick to try next, or if I should just give up.
Anyone out there seen this before and had a solution?
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