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I recently started watching movies on my laptop and seeing the icons on the desktop started to annoy me. I didn't want to click fullscreen b/c the video would become blurry. Here's what I found that helped me out tremendously. It hides all of the icons on your desktop! And you can easily bring them back whenever you want to. I love watching hour long movies now without having to see my myriad of files/folders in the background.
First you will need to select the application "Terminal"

*To hide all icons copy and paste exactly this in to the window:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false

*Hit the enter key. Now copy and paste this:

killall Finder

*Hit enter again.

What we did was initiate the command to hide all icons on the desktop. Not just the Hard Drive ones. Then we had to reset the Finder so the changes occurred. All of the files will still exist, but they’re now discretely hidden in your home folder’s “Desktop” directory rather than cluttering up your actual desktop.

*To show the Desktop icons again, open the Mac Terminal and type the following:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true

*For changes to take place, reset the finder:

killall Finder

And you should have all the icons appear again. Hope this helps anyone. Credit to for the steps!
Hide All Desktop Icons in Mac OS X
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