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Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
2. Did you happen to change the name of your home folder?
Thats exactly what I did. I did this because I'm the only user on the system and for whatever reason it has a folder set-up for 2 users (but in manage users, there's only one listed... me).

If I go into Finder, I have the home icon with the folder name how I want. But, if I go into Macintosh HD/Users/ it shows my home folder, plus another folder, then a shared folder.

It doesn't make sense to me to have a home folder that contains the desktop, documents, music and library folder, then have another user folder with the exact same folders.

Perhaps I'm missing something?? I'd ultimatly like the system to refrence my home folder for everything instead of it asking me where I want to store it
between the 2 users. Hope this makes sense
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