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I've been working in OSX for about a week now and I have a few questions...

When I downloaded Firefox I noticed that there was an icon on my desktop that looked like a disk drive. I assume this is what is called a disk image?? From what I've read, I need to click on the disk image and drag the Firefox icon into my applications folder to install the program. After doing that, I can eject the disk image and toss it in the trash?? Thats it right? If not, can someone explain to me what the .dmg file is.

My next question pertains to saving any changes I made to my system. I spent a while changing my touchpad settings, downloading widgets, and personalizing the system. When I made a shut-down after installing new software, all the settings and such were lost. My widgets are gone, the mouse is back to the defult settings etc. Is there something I need to toggle on so the system saves these settings?
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