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You are absolutely correct, and I did not take your post as smug or condescending. You seem to be reaffirming my whole reason for posting this, so I think my post is doing the job I intended it to do. I appreciate the response.

I'm not a huge computer guru at all. I have coworkers that frequently walk me through setups or recommend that I do something to my computer, and several have recommended backing up my data, but I never did. I put off buying a back-up drive because I had never experienced a hard-drive failure. I also had not experimented with Time Machine. I'm kind of a "plug it in and go to work" computer user, which unfortunately is not a good way to deal with these machines. We pay so much for something with a ton of features, but then people like me don't take advantage of the built-in goodies that we should.

It's a lesson learned the hard way - But trust me - It's a lesson "learned". I'm doing everything in my power to not let it happen again, and my friends and family are now getting the lecture too - Back up your data, or risk losing it!

Thanks for the "condolences".

All the best,
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