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I have an early 2008 iMac 20-inch model, and I'm running out of drive space on my 320Gb primary drive. For various reasons, I don't want to move things to an external drive. I am looking into options for upgrading the drive, and it occurred to me that if I can make an image of it with SuperDuper on my NAS, then I could install an SSD as my primary drive, move the original drive to be a secondary one, and restore the image to the SSD.

I'm having some difficulty finding online resources to help me with this. They suggest ways of installing an SSD but it appears that they are suggesting using it as a secondary drive, which makes no sense to me. If I install an SSD then I want it as my system drive, please!

So... can anyone suggest the best way to do this? I know it's fairly tricky to open the machine up and make changes, but I'm happy to risk that and I'm fairly confident in my abilities. My problem lies in the planning area: what should I be aiming for as a target system?
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