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Originally Posted by MacAddikt
2 different OS, with 2 different file systems = a bunch of different stuff

i think its a "windows cant read mac (HFS+) binaries" problem.
Windows can't read HFS+, not sure about mac font file format. But that doesn't have anything to do with file sizes not showing correctly. File format has nothing to do with filesystem.

I'm quite sure it works something like this: When you connect to mac from windows (via telnet or ftp), your client software asks the server software on the mac to show a file. This happens over telnet or ftp protocol and has nothing to do with filesystem. Now the server software asks microkernel to give it that file using a system call defined in a C library. Again nothing to do with filesystem. Microkernel checks and sees that the file is on a HFS+ partition, so it calls a module that handles HFS+ input/output to get the file.
Microkernel doesn't need to know how to handle HFS+ i/o, ftp server doesn't need to know in what filesystem the file is and ftp client doesn't need to know even what OS the server is running on.

After the file has been transfered to windows machine, windows should be able to tell it's file size even if it doesn't know how to handle the file format.

I'm not sure what is broken this time, but it seems to be quite low level stuff. Are there any other files that behave similary or is it just the fonts?
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