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Hello, there,

I'm sure you dedicated Mac-Forumers get annoyed by people like me, just passing through with a single question, but I want to let you know from the start that I appreciate your input very much.

So, on to the problem.

I just picked up a 2007 iMac, 2.0Ghz/1GB/160GBHDD for less than $100. Only problem is, the display is showing lines, vertical. What do I do? Despite growing up on Macs (my godfather was an exec at Apple back in the day), I ended up drifting to Windows and Linux to build my own systems, but I've been needing a Mac for some projects and I don't know a damn thing about how to fix any Mac hardware problems, especially since it's an all-in-one system.

I'm wary about messing in it, but I'm not at all technically inept, so some simple guidance on how to take care of an issue, even if I have to dismantle it, would be helpful.

Also, the HDD is totally wiped, but I have everything I need (I think) software-wise. EDIT: So, I'm finding it difficult to figure out how to install onto a totally wiped drive. I haven't put any disk in yet, but I want to be sure before continuing. When I start the system, the screen is blank (whiteish, not black blank) and then a folder with a question mark flashes indefinitely. Is this right for where I believe I'm at, or am I looking at other expenditures (HDD)? Thanks again!

So, what can I do about this problem? Is it the screen itself? If so, where can I find a replacement if it needs replacing? Also, if it is just the screen, would there be any known issue just hooking it up to a regular monitor and having the iMac under the desk like a regular desktop?


Picture, just in case it might help:
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